Monday, 26 August 2013

'My, What Big Eyes You've Got'

For some years now, I have owned a macro lens, a 100mm macro to be precise. the lens was originally purchased for a job photographing some specialist decorative items, it has subsequently been used on a number of commercial jobs photographing small components / products but only once have I ventured outside with it.

Well last week whilst sat in the back garden I noticed how many hoverflies were visiting a plant adjacent to where I was sat, so I decided to get the macro lens out and 'give it a go' on a live subject for once. The shots were all taken handheld and without a flash so the success rate or reasonable images was only matched by the depth of field - low!

For less than an hour in the garden I was quite pleased and have vowed not to leave it so long before I venture back out with the macro lens.

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