Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Ikarus Flying - But Not Too Close To the Sun !!

Personally I still smile to myself every time I get into the C42, is it only me that finds it strange that an aircraft should share the name of a character from Greek mythology that fell from the sky? Well almost shares the name - the sharp eyed ones amongst you will have course spotted that the title is spelt Ikarus, unlike Icarus the son of Daedalus.

A friend of mine operates an Ikarus C42 as part of HadAir, and knowing my love of flying and enjoyment in taking the camera aloft, I very kindly get offered the occasional jolly.

With a recent offer to go flying once again, I couldn't resist grabbing the 12mm lens and flash to see if we could get a few different 'internal' shots. I had a couple of shots in mind before we set off, a steep turn with something of interest through the window, plus a shot lit by flash looking out under the wing.

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With the initial shots taken out over the Shropshire countryside, they were acceptable but weren't quite what I had in mind. Likewise the shots under the wing were nicely lit, but the rolling fields of Shropshire could have been any part of rural Britain. As it was only a quick 'jolly' we started to head back to the field.

On arrival back at Halfpenny Green, there was no other traffic so Steve did one more tight turn, this time over the top of the airfield. 'Click', although I didn't realise it straight away, there was the shot I'd been after, Steve looking into the tight turn and below him Halfpenny Green.

Descending into the circuit I busily checked the back of the camera, I was sure I'd now got something I was happy with, as I looked up we were just about to turn onto finals, 'click', I now had my under the wing shot.

We had only been in the air for about 30 minutes and I'd managed to get some nice shots of the C42, but it was just one of those days where it fell in to place and I got the two shots I was really after in the final 5 minutes.

The shots were intended as a bit of fun and a thank you to Steve for the odd jolly. I thought they might also be of some use for the HadAir website, but sorry Steve, Ive used them first!

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