Monday, 21 January 2013

Last Chance Tempete

Although we had chatted for some time about doing some aerial photos of G-ASUS, one of only two Jurca MJ-2 Tempetes on the UK register, we only finally achieved it with minutes to spare.

Roy, owner of the Tempete, had stated in mid 2011 that whilst he really enjoyed the MJ-2 the time had come to sell it, so that he could buy a two seater that would enable him to go flying with his son. Like alot of things with distant deadlines, though we talked regularly about doing some Air to Air photos there appeared to be no urgency as there was plenty of time!

As the second half of the summer of 2011 passed by, the non existant nice evenings were replaced by shorter days and less opportunities to get airbourne. Everytime we tried to arrange a sortie either the poor weather, pilot or aircraft unavailability put a stop to the proceedings.

Before we knew it, we were in late May 2012, Roy had just struck a deal to sell the Tempete but had already been invited to display the aircraft in the static at the RAF Cosford show. The new owner had kindly agreed to let Roy honour the Cosford booking, but would be collecting G-ASUS on the Monday after the show.

With time now rapidly running out we tried to arrange a flight on the Friday before ths show, but busy diaries meant that this wasn't going to happen, there was only one thing for it, Roys last flight in the Jurca Tempete back from Cosford to Halfpenny Green on the Monday following the show.

The weather wasnt the best, but, at last everything else fell into place and Roy enjoyed a fitting end to his association with G-ASUS, a photographic sortie on his last ever flight in the aircraft.

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  1. i would love to go for a ride in this plane. looks awesome