Monday, 18 April 2011

Midland Offroad Club - Buildwas Comp Safari

Following the frustrations of not being able to get off his drive during the earlier snowfall of this year, a friend has recently purchased an eBay special, a cheap little 4x4, just to cover such eventualities.

As the 4x4 has subsequently turned out to be an incredible snow repellent (not a hint of the white stuff since its purchase) he decided to take it along to a 4x4 open day hosted by Midland Offroad Club at Buildwas, just to experience a bit of specialist driving.

Many of you who know me, will understand that I rarely pass up the opportunity to attend a motorsport event, even if I'm not officially working on it. Therefore when my friend mentioned that a Comp Safari had been organised as part of the weekend, I just had to pop along with the camera.

The organising team were a friendly bunch, and I was allowed to 'sign on' despite not arranging anything in advance. Whilst the number of entrants was quite low, they did all appear to be enjoying themselves.

The following are just a few photos from the days activities.

Further details of the Midland Offroad Club activities can be found at Midland Offroad Club - Home

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